Saree Shaperwear - 6 reason why should you use it?

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What is saree shapewear?
Saree shapewear is nothing but a petticoat. Saree Shapewear is made of stretchable cloth that fits itself to suit any body shape. It is also called a Saree silhouette.

When to wear Saree shapewear?
Saree shapewear doesn't mean that it needs to be wear under a saree. It can be wear under dresses, long gowns, and lehengas. It can also be wear as a western skirt, which can be pair up with any crop top.

Saree shapewear v/s regular petticoat.

  • Saree shapewear doesn't have side stitches.
  • Saree shapewear doesn't contain drawstrings (Nadas), thus saves time in tightening them.
  • Saree shapewear has a "rear Enhancer," which is an excellent way to shape your body.
  • Traditional petticoats often cause rashes and redness on your skin. Saree shapewear has a super soft waistband that feels like a feather on your skin. Saree Shapewear eliminates the above problems. At the same time, it is sturdy enough to hold the heavy sarees too.


What are the color options available under saree shapewear?

Saree shapewear is available in many options. Thus, it meets the need of a wide variety of women on different occasions.

What is the fabric used for Saree shapewear?

It is made of Polyamide spandex. This fabric is known to be a comfortable and lightweight fabric. At the same time, it is sturdy enough to hold the saree. Some manufacturers are using Lycra and nylon also.


Six reasons: Why should we use saree shapewear?

  1. Saree Shapewear acts Last-minute fix for fleshy areas near the belly or thigh.
  2. It enhances your appearance in no time.
  3. Are you looking for a toned silhouette on traditional wear like a saree? If so, then Saree Shapewear would be the right choice for you.
  4. It gives you a slimmer look. 
  5. It wicks away the desi diva look at the same time, helps you look slimmer.
  6. It gives you a mermaid-like look by toning and smoothing your belly.

Saree shapewear price:
These are quite affordable and can be found in the price range of ~500 - 2000 on Amazon or other online stores.

Hold it in the right place on your waist. This precaution is for your perfect comfort. By design, saree shapewear doesn't fall out from your waist.

Tips for choosing the right saree shapewear online in India:

  1. Many are not comfortable with the slip-on feature of the saree shapewear. Saree shapewear with drawstring (Nada) will be a solution here. Saree shapewear with nada will end your worry about whether it will hold your saree or not. It will also give you a slimmer look and will terminate the uneasiness running at the back of your mind.
  2. Go for breathable fabric. It will absorb moisture and aid in odor control. This way, you will feel fresh.
  3. We recommend opting for products with a return policy. So that if you are not comfortable, you can return it.

FAQ on Saree shapewear?

1. Can a saree shapewear hold a heavy saree? 

Yes, it is made of a soft and comfortable material, sturdy enough to hold the heaviest saree like Kanjeevaram silk saree.

2. Do I need to wear a petticoat also with saree Shapewear? 

No, it's not required as this is a replacement for a traditional petticoat. But if you are not comfortable, then you can wear a petticoat over shapewear in the beginning. Opting for Saree shapewear with a drawstring (Nada) will be a good option here. It will work as a traditional petticoat along with enhancing your beauty.

3. Does saree shapewear makes you slim?

No, not at all. It only gives you a slimmer look by toning and contouring your curves.

4. What are the common issues faced with saree shapewear?

The most common issue faced with saree shapewear is to find the right saree shapewear. Few products are too tight; thus, you need to order one or two sizes larger in such cases.

5. Which one is a better traditional petticoat or Saree shapewear?

The world is changing, and so should one be. Saree shapewear has advantages over conventional petticoats as it's gaining popularity. It would be best if you gave this a try at least once.

Which are the brands that offer saree shapewear?
Many brands in the market offer saree shapewear. DHARAH is considered to be the most useful. It comes in different colors and styles to suit everyone's needs. You can opt for other brands also like Dermawear as per your requirements. Also, mermaid saree shapewear is quite trending.


Saree Shapewear review:

After reading different saree shapewear reviews, here is the summary.

  1. Go for side cut options to avoid difficulty in walking.
  2. It does reduce the appearance of your belly size.
  3. It's comfortable.
  4. It is ideal for a height range of 5' to 5'8. If you are taller, then check for review or check with the seller before buying.
  5. Women have lots of complaints stating it's uncomfortable. Go for one or two sizes higher, so if you wear size M, go for size L or XL. This issue is not with all the brands, so you must read the review before you buy one.

Please consider these saree shapewear petticoat review before buying one for yourself.

Note: Saree shapewear jockey brand is currently not available.


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